No doubt we received a big winter storm. Roads are nasty and wrecks were abundant. School closures and strange things happened.

Through it all, I witnessed something really cool and I am not talking about the snow. People helping people. It was awesome.

There were cars having a hard time getting up hills. They were getting stuck, spinning out as they attempted to crawl their way to the top. Rather than get frustrated, I saw numerous other people get out of their vehicles and push these stuck cars by hand up the hill until the regained traction.

This made me proud to live in the Billings, Montana area!

Most, if not all the places I have lived wouldn't ever bother to get out of their car to help a fellow motorist get on their way. They would simply get upset, honk horns, yell and/or make obscene gestures in their lazy effort to get the other guy out of the way.

Good for you Billings for taking the higher road. I for one am proud to call you my neighbor.


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