Just a couple of random thoughts this morning:

1. If things are so bottled up out on the west coast, why can't we call in the National Guard to help expedite the unloading and movement of freight? We are able to call them out for all kinds of things in a time of need. Traffic control, natural disasters, heck in Bozeman we had national guard members taking the temperatures of everyone that flew into their airport so why not help out at the ports.

2. If Mark and I make it here to our 35th anniversary, what kind of celebration should we try to have? No doubt we will have to organize it for ourselves so we need some suggestions. Concerts are ok but it's not really personal. Everyone goes but you just sit there and listen to the artist then everyone goes home. It's not like a big family dinner where everyone can visit and chat. We're open to ideas at this point.

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3. Finally, we did the spelling bee over the weekend and it was our last one. I'm not even sure if they even have spelling through 8th grade now much less high school. So do we have science bees or math bees? That would be good also.

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I know as a kid it always made it more fun when there was competition involved. We always use to do boys against girls, we even did it in history classes. It made class fun. I guess now though you would have to ask them what side they would feel more comfortable on and go that route...

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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