Next week marks the 34th anniversary of Cat Country, as you all may have heard.

Wow, time sure flies and it's been a great run. We might have to see if we can stick around until March 1st of 2023 just so we can have a huge 35th anniversary celebration.

When looking back that many years ago there are a lot of things that have happened since. It's hard for me to pick that one moment or that one show that really stood out. There were so many events so many emotions and days of shows that were unique in their own right.

Here we are over 8,000 shows later wondering what is going to be that next big moment or special day that will stand out.

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When we were on our trip to Mexico I was in a conversation with some nice folks from Pittsburgh trying to explain to them what our show is all about and how different it is from the same old morning shows in the country.

One of the people suggested that they could do our job because all you have to do is show up and "bullshit".

So I told him to pick a subject and talk about it in an informative, entertaining, and coherent fashion for five minutes straight without stopping. Now, do that six or seven times per hour for five hours and do it over 8,000 times and try to keep people listening without changing or going to an alternative entertainment source.

He said, "You're right, I probably can't do your job".

One thing is for sure, you folks have made it much easier through the years. Thank you...

See ya Monday at 5 a.m.

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