Saturday, March 5th will be the final time that the Breakfast Flakes emcee the Yellowstone County Spelling bee.

We've always thought that our job was so much more than just punching in and doing an air shift every morning at 5. And if you're going to do events outside the scope of your regular radio job, doing things for kids is always a great idea.

At tomorrow's event, we are essentially the "explainers". We will help the kids get the process figured out. And also explain to the parents and others in the audience how it's all going to work.

Then once it's all explained, we start with one practice round so that the kids get comfortable using microphones, and learning what they can ask the pronouncer.

After that, it's time to spell off until we get down to the top 8 spellers. The top four go to the state spelling bee. And the next four are the alternates that would fill in should any of the top four not be able to attend.

Now, it's different. You don't have to actually win a state bee to go to the national spelling bee. But Most of the kids who are participating locally still enjoy the competition.

We have been doing this event for more than twenty years and have enjoyed it thoroughly. We have had the bee held at Petro Theatre at what was at the time, Eastern Montana College. Then we had to move several times. We held the event at West High, The Lincoln Center, and at the absolutely gorgeous theatre at Skyview High School. Bu for our last one, I'm glad that we're back where it all started for us.

Good luck, spellers. And don't be afraid to ask if they would use the word in a sentence.

We start a 9 a.m. sharp and should have it wrapped up by about 11:30.

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