Does your company throw a Christmas party for the staff? Ours does. And that hasn't always been the case. We went several years without any sort of gathering at all.

But, when I think back to when I started in radio at age 19, these parties were the highlight of my year. We received gifts like radio station jackets and one year, we even received some great clothing. These parties were also generally the only time a guy making a disc jockeys salary could afford to eat in these upscale restaurants where the parties were held.

Then, we had some bosses who had no party at all. And then one year, we had a GM who was so generous that we only had to pay for HALF of the radio station jackets that were gifted to us.

But I miss the years before drinking & driving was a "thing". I've seen some very normally nice people get hammered at the Christmas party and just let some poor coworker have it. Things that have been bothering them were no longer held back. And I've even seen a couple of fist fights at these parties.

Here's hoping that your party is memorable, this holiday season.

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