I'm sitting here thinking about what today's topic might be. I think we've "Flakesgivinged" you to death. I didn't want to go into some of the negative comments posted on social media about it. So, I will go back in time when radio station Christmas parties were the best part about working here.

These parties generally featured an open bar with unlimited, free booze, what could possibly go wrong?

For us at Cat Country, we drew names of coworkers. And you would then write venomous, terrible things about them. The only rule was that it had to rhyme. There were some hurt feelings, wrestling matches, and a couple of fistfights. Sometimes issues work themselves out when you throw a little booze at them. But on the other side of things, people got made out with too. But no matter how terrible you talked about whoever's name you drew, you still gave them a present that was appropriate for their personalities.

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Twenty-five years ago the company that owned us bought all the employees dinner, presents and bought motel rooms so nobody would have to drive. Heck, the first year we worked here (1988), our general manager even supplied every couple with a roll of quarters so that we could all play the poker machines.

Now that I think about it, if we had one of THOSE types of parties these days, we would have to fire people, write people up, and send most of us to sensitivity training.

But we'll always have the memories.

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