My mom's cell phone is on my cellular account so she can get a better deal than she would if she paid individually. Recently she fell into the pool at my house with her iPhone in her pocket. So she wouldn't have to extend her contract she bought a refurbished Samsung android phone.

She's had the phone for about a month now and discovered a new problem... she's noticed that no matter how long she leaves the phone on the charger that it only charges about 50%. She called our carrier but they said because it was refurbished that the warranty was short and past the end date and she was on her own. So she took the phone to the cell store to get the battery tested. They told her the battery was fine. Of course she has to point out to them that it wasn't fine and showed them so on the batter indicator and told them she had just pulled it off the charger. The patient man behind the counter calmly pointed out that she was pointing to the signal indicator. Bahahahahahahahaha!