How about something light-hearted in my post today? How about a conversation I had with a horse over the weekend. At least I thought I did.

First of all, thanks to Theresa DeVries for hosting an afternoon of horseback riding for kids. My daughter has wanted to do this for a long time. And everybody's schedules finally aligned on a great day for it to happen.

So, all the kids took turns and got a couple of rides each. Then it became my turn. So, I climbed aboard Lovebug...who wasn't as excited about it. Here's how our conversation went. In my head, at least.

Me; Hey, girl. Let's go for a spin.

LB: In a minute. I'm eating some grass right now.

Me: "Come on" followed by some clicking noises that I make that I think makes horses think that I'm talking their language. Which of course, I'm not.

Theresa then comes over and walks us away from the fence and that got Lovebug going. For exactly one lap.

Me: "Come on girl!" Clicking noise. Clicking noise. Lovebug walks back to the fence where all of the kids are standing.

Theresa leads us out again. "Come on Lovebug, let's gallop a little.

LB: "No thanks. In fact, I think I'll walk us back over to where all of the kids are.

So, I just dismounted and let the kids have the last couple of rides.

I have heard that horses are pretty smart. I know that I've been on horses that knew that I didn't know the first thing about them. But, it was still an overall great experience for the kids.

The photo is of what is very likely the last time that I'll be on a horse.


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