Earlier this morning Paul and I were talking about some of the things going on in town this week and happened to mention NILE. A few minutes later we got a call from someone I put in their own category.

I call them "Horse Gals".

And this special breed of person is all about their horses. That's horses - plural.

Because if you know any of these "Horse Gals", then you know that at some point they have said something to the effect of "Well, a second horse won't really be any more work than having one, so why not get another?"

This is a similar sentiment shared by "Gun Guys". They love more guns. And with them, you can buy them a firearm that is an exact duplicate of one that they already own, and they are thrilled to have a second one.

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So our "Horse Gal" who called in was listing all of the horse-related events scheduled all week at NILE. She wanted us to help promote them. I explained to her that all of the people that are "Horse People" were already going to be there. I'm guessing that she would see mostly the same people at every horse event throughout the year, because "Horse People" are like that.

A couple of my favorite memes that I've seen about horse ownership:

Horses are for people who love work and hate money.

And, teach your daughter to love horses early in her life. Then she will never have money for drugs or alcohol.

And don't fall in love with a "Horse Gal" because she will always love her horse more than you. And she will tell you so.

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