Remember when you thought you would never need to use any of that geometry in real life?  Well, here's an every day situation where (what should be) basic math can tell you which is the better deal:  Two 12" pizzas or One 18" pizza?

When I say "better deal", I mean which has the most pizza?  This scenario was raised recently on Twitter and thousands of people had their mind blown.

The image explains that the area of a circle 2pi(r)2 will show you that the 18" pizza indeed has more; even though you may be tempted to think "24 inches of pizza is more than 18 inches of pizza."  Any teacher in America could remind you that circles don't work that way.

Next time you see a "great deal" that offers 2 12" pizzas for only a couple bucks more than the 18", you'll know better.  Thanks Fermat's Library!

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