The math isn't adding up.

Another disturbing report today on the awful performance of our students when it comes to math.

Jobs are on the rise, and math is on the fall.

The number of jobs in math occupations is projected to grow dramatically, but only one in five college-bound students is prepared for college-level courses. Let me do the math for you, only 20% of our graduates are ready for college.

How could this be?

We can scream and scream about this and nothing changes. Why? University of California's Jim Stigler said the advances in technology over the next 50 years are going to come from other countries because they have the intellectual capital and we don't.

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China is challenging America's technological dominance. Math is becoming more and more a part of every career according to the Tennessee Technical Institute. American students are just not cutting it.

The facts of the matter.

Here's the latest, U.S. students are now scoring lower in math than 36 other countries worldwide. We used to be first years ago, now we are number 36, and we spend more per student than most of them.

I've said this many times we need a complete overhaul of our system including academic standards that must be achieved before graduating.

If we lead in anything anymore, I bet it's average weight for our students and that is another crisis that pediatricians tell us is going to cause us problems as they get older. This is our future, and it's not looking promising unless someone, somewhere has the guts to tackle it.

See ya tomorrow at 5.

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