We've all heard the debate about the high cost of prescription drugs. It seems to be a political talking point every time we have an election cycle. They all promise to get it under control, but none have. I usually don't complain about things and how much they cost. I mean, I know there is a cost for everything. A cost to make it, a cost for the employees, and to market it. However, I have been really peeved lately about the cost of prescription drugs. Not just in my own household, but overall.

I hear these nightmare stories about the cost and how many can't afford to even get the drugs they need, so they just go with out. I had to take my son to the doctor the other day because he was having some issues with his ear. We went to the walk-in and they said there's not much we can do, but here is a prescription for some antibiotic ear drops. When I picked up the drops, I almost choked when they told me the cost was $82.74 for a little bottle of drops, that was on top of the $94.25 that my insurance saved me. It would have been $176.99 for 5 ml of ear drops. Are you kidding me?!

Thank god, I have insurance, but seriously. I started asking friends who have to get monthly prescriptions what they pay and it is staggering, and this is just the low side of what some of these drugs cost. For a 30 day supply one person pays $54.99, another $44.99. One person said their prescription is $234.99 a month and another is expected to pay $769.99 a month. Now, lucky for them, they have insurance, so it's not as painful, but dear god what about those that don't have insurance? This is absolutely staggering. I know that next time a politician promises to get the big pharmaceutical companies in line, I am going to do my damnedest to keep on them until they do.

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