I'm not sure what it is about The Changeling that scared me so much...maybe it was the fact that I was 9 years old when I first saw it...maybe it was the fact that George C. Scott was such an incredible actor or the fact that they filmed it in such a creepy style, with ominous wide shots filming down on the scene as if someone was watching.  Whatever the case, The Changeling ranks at the top of my list for ghost stories.

For the record, Poltergeist did a number on me too as a kid, but The Changeling just has this campfire story quality to it that makes it more appealing.  As a kid, I hated to even look at the VHS Cover featuring the creepy antique wheelchair and shadow of a child who wasn't there.  Spooky!



Granted, it's a little dated.  The audio isn't the best and don't be expecting any ground breaking special effects.  Great story, great acting and a creepy old house.

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