I'm not the first guy to point out that women can be just as shallow as men (albeit usually in a more classy way), but this movie will likely be a great example of it.

My feed usually has at least one or two Jason Momoa items in it per week and the vast majority of shares and comments come from women. They don't seem to discuss his acting abilities, political stance or the other typical celebrity stuff, but rather comment on his eyes, physique and things they would like to do with/to him. However, there are I'm sure many women out there who are too subtle to make statements like that on social media, but I'm betting that many will suddenly have an interest in seeing the new Aquaman movie.

I grew up on the Christopher Reeve Superman movies and then, in my teen years, Michael Keaton as Batman.  I loved most of them, but I never found a girl who shared my appreciation. I mean, I may have gotten an "It's okay", but those kinds of movies were never suggested for a date night. Keep in mind that in the superhero world, it's hard to get better than Superman and Batman, but Aquaman? I don't remember ever seeing a kid dressed up as Aquaman on Halloween; although I do seem to remember a few Aquaman masks available on October 30th for a deep discount. This new movie will likely change all of that. The trailer looks pretty great even through the eyes of someone who has no interest in staring at Jason Momoa.

For those who have struggled to get their lady friend on board with some superhero action, this might be the one that gets her excited about a nerd movie date night. Oh, and just for the sake of full disclosure and to make it clear that I'm not immune to this sort of behavior: I had no interest in seeing Wonder Woman...until I saw Gal Gadot.

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