Although I'm not a huge Nascar fan, I do try and catch the races at Daytona, Bristol and Talladega. (I got to ride around the track at Talladega back when that was part of the tour there.)

I was sure glad to hear that Ryan Newman is going to be alright after that nasty crash at the end of the race. When he got hit by another car when he was upside down, I really thought he was gone. Kudos to Nascar for all of their safety practices.

So, this got me thinking back on all of the times I slid through a corner on the road coming down the road from Snow Bowl ski area and had both right-side tires hanging off the edge. The drop was hundreds of feet. Close call. I rolled a Mazda when I was 15 but was going pretty slow, so I didn't get hurt.

I've been cited twice for racing when they clocked us over 115 mph. I was winning both races but that didn't seem to help me when I was talking to the judge.

But that was long ago. I've slowed down substantially.

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