I went home to grab my iPhone charging cord and saw this thing on my blinds. I looked it up and it is a hornet. I hear it can sting multiple times. I'm not sure how a hornet would get into my basement apartment on Montana Avenue. I can only imagine it came through the vent which brings in outside air.

Normally I would just slowly walk away instead of flailing at it wildly. However this was INSIDE of my apartment so I had to take matters into my own hands. I swung a Randy Houser CD at the thing and then it disappeared. I couldn't find it at first. There was no residue on the CD and the hornet was not on the floor. My first reaction was uh-oh, I probably pissed it off and now it is going to be bearing down on me. Luckily I found it wriggling on my end table still alive. At that point I knocked it on the floor and squished the thing. Hornets have surprisingly hard little bodies unlike bees which are much softer. So the moral of the story is make sure you kill a hornet the first time or otherwise it'll come looking for you.

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