The website compiled some data last year to figure out which Halloween candy was the most popular in each state. The lack of Reese's Cups in any state makes me a bit skeptical, so I thought I would throw this out there just to see how many Montanans agree with this survey.

What is our most popular candy to consume during the Halloween season? Candy Corn. This surprises me for a couple of reasons.

First, as far as trick-or-treat candy goes, I wouldn't even let my kid eat this stuff. I mean, if it was in an individual package, sure, but that's not usually how it goes. It's more often somebody just grabbing a handful from a bowl and throwing it in your bag. No, thank you.

Second, candy corn is like the McRib of candy. It only comes out once a year so you're excited to get some. Then after you consume enough of it, you don't want to see it for another 11 months.

Kit Kats, Reese's Cups, anything from the Hershey or Mars company that isn't "dark chocolate" outranks candy corn in my opinion. At least I don't live in New Mexico. They're most popular Halloween candy wasn't even a candy. It was pencils. I'd just stay home.

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