So once again it was time for our weekend shooting in town but fortunately, no one was hurt this time.

Two drive-by shootings occurred Saturday that involved two different shootings and three juveniles have been detained.


The destruction of the American family unit and the absence of a strong parental figure especially a father isn't helping the situation either.

These kids are running around town at all hours of the night and that can only mean trouble.

Parents also need to know who their kids' friends are. Very important to stop trouble before it happens. A slap on the wrist and off they go right back to where they started.

Teachers can't be responsible for discipline; if you have a weak parent or parents, no lessons will be learned. Folks this is a serious problem, imagine kids and teens driving around shooting at people and places.

One commenter on Twitter who responded to the Billings Police Department put it bluntly:

What are the names of the kids involved in this Billings shooting? I don't know

People in the neighborhoods need to know. School officials need to know. If they are working, their employer needs to know.

To know what? All the things that could bring potential harm to someone else.

We've lost control and if they act like a grown-up committing a grown-up crime, then discipline should be given accordingly.

I don't know how much drugs are contributing to the problem either but you know it has a place in many of these cases. We were lucky this time no one's kids were killed but how long till our luck runs out and people are putting flowers in front of homes?

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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