Our top security measure is luck, and so far, it's working.

Yesterday, Sept. 2, 2022, Hardin, Montana schools went on lockdown because of a weapon threat in school. Fortunately, it was investigated and the threat was not credible, according to The Billings Gazette.

Hardin, MT High School
Credit: Google Maps

Like I said: Luck, our best security measure. Nearly all school districts seem to rely on it to make sure NO weapons are entering the school.

Authorities had gotten a tip in May that a now-19-year-old entered a school outside of Chicago with a gun for "protection after fighting with a relative" according to the Associated Press. He didn't use it, and now he faces a felony charge. Luck once again worked.

Credit: vchal, Getty Images

Thank God we don't use luck before we all get on airplanes. How many gun incidents have you heard about since we started checking over 16 million people per day at airports? How many weapon cases have there been at our big sports facilities since people started walking through detectors? How many weapons emergencies have there been at Metra during concerts?

We didn't screen to get into the Fair and guess what happened... Fortunately, luck worked again, the victim was shot in the knee.

The fact is schools have no way of knowing what kids are bringing in their backpacks and most will not put forth the measures needed to make a school with our children as safe as a concert, a sporting venue or an airplane ride. After all, we have luck on our side and SO far it's been working pretty well.

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