I live downtown in a loft that is a renovated meat packing building. I love living downtown because it's where the action is. A treasure hunter by nature I think I became one because of my single parent upbringing. My mom always did her best by me but we never had much money so, while I will always pay for quality, I love finding a bargain and one of my guilty pleasure is shopping at the great thrift stores we have downtown.

I'm a frequent Saturday visitor at the Montana Rescue Mission Thrift store on Minnesota Avenue and St. Vincent De Paul Thrift store on Montana Ave. The only problem with Saturday shopping is that everyone goes on Saturday and you often miss the gems. Sometimes I'll pop in during my lunch hour on the weekdays because the radio studios here at the top of the Crown Plaza are so close. Yesterday I was rewarded for my diligence. I went downstairs at St. Vincent De Paul where all the furniture is kept. I always make 2 sweeps in case I miss something. On my second sweep yesterday I spotted this beauty... a Sportcraft 3 in 1 game table. It has mini-billiards, ping pong and air hockey. It was only $20! While it looked slightly worn it wasn't beat up and when I got it home I plugged it in to make sure the air hockey would work and it fired up like a dream. The billiard balls alone that you see in the pic below are worth $20. All the pieces it originally came with are there. Brand new this table is $199. Score!


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