Since I haven't done a Throw Back Thursday (TBT) for awhile, I thought I  would drop this gem on you.  How many of you remember this?

Long before instant downloads iPhone, iPads and iTunes this little treasure was in many homes for entertainment.

What is this you might ask?

If you are at all an antique collector you will recognize this from many decades ago.

This is a 1940's Vintage Philco Radio Phonograph.

If you ask anyone under the age of 30 about a phonograph they will look at you like you are from another planet.

I can remember spinning the vinyl on a phonograph much like this growing up.

My mom would play Swan Lake on 78 on the phonograph for hours while she cleaned.

There were many times I fell asleep to that music.

This one of a few vintage radios my husband owns.  He started collecting them when he was a young adult.

I did some research on eBay and if we wanted to  sell this particular radio phonograph, it would go for about $150.

Funny that something that is over 60 years old and considered to be vintage or a collectible isn't worth more.

And by the way it still works.

If you are a collector of antique radios every so often you can find one at one of the antique stores here in Billings or one of the antique shows that pass through the Billings area.

Do you collect anything?  Dolls, Coins, Stamps, Comic  Books?