I finally made it to my first Alive After 5 of the season at Tiny's Tavern. It was great to get to talk to so many folks. My only complaint would be that it should start at two. Much better time for me, personally.

We learned this week from a listener that the sandhill crane is nicknamed "the sirloin of the sky". And in most parts of Montana, you can shoot three per day.

When my Facebook friends post pictures of their gatherings I always stop and see if I recognize the restaurant, bar, or golf course where the picture was taken. I generally can identify about half the bars and restaurants. But I get most of the golf courses and can generally even tell you what hole it was taken on.

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I see where they moved the statue of Lonnie Bell to the Yellowstone County Museum. Although I've never been to the museum, I did have cocktails with their executive director, Terry Steiner, when he and his wife went to Mexico with us last January.

It is my prediction that Lonnie Bell will be the only Montana radio personality who has a statue made of them.

John Rich's new song "Progress" is on top of a couple of charts.

Being given obscene gestures by other drivers in traffic has made me change how I drive zero times. But I know you didn't do anything wrong and must now feel quite a bit better about yourself.

And my earlier article about generous bosses hasn't seemed to motivate our boss to fly us to Jackson Hole for a nice, team dinner.

Have a great weekend.

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