While I was away on vacation, I noticed something about my kids that I didn't fully realize until I was fully with them. They would be on the computer playing games 24/7 if we allowed them to.

Of course we as parents won't let that happen.

We give each of our kids an hour to do whatever fun thing they want to do on the computer but it comes with stipulation. They have to earn it and we monitor whatever it is they are doing. This gives them enough time to play a game but also enough time to get out and get active as well.

If they fail to do their chore they lose 10 mins. If they are mean to their brother or sister they will lose another 10 mins and so on.

My wife read an article that basically put out this plan. She commented about how well it works for our kids and funny enough, some of the other parents ripped her apart because they feel like their kids should be on it whenever they want.

I think it is obviously up to the parent and their situation but in my opinion I think there can be too much computer time. Kids still need to get out, get dirty and have fun with their own imagination.

What do you think?