Trace Adkins is excited to be recording new music. Actually, it looks like Trace Adkins is really excited to be recording new music. The big man shared that he’s having a naked Thursday (March 29) as he belted out the words to a new song.

“In the studio. This song needs to be sung naked. The engineer just puked. Good song though,” Adkins tweeted on Thursday morning.

It’s been just over a month since the singer began controlling his own official Twitter page, and this is the second time he’s shown skin to his followers. In February, he shared a picture of his backside as he prepared for surgery. “@ Vanderbilt having kidney stones busted. No big deal,” he said at the time.

Lost in this story is the exciting fact that Adkins seems to be working on new music. It’s not clear if this is for a new studio album or a compilation project of some sorts. He could be working on a duet for another artist. Although male or female, it’d be uncomfortable at best if he took his shirt off to sing along.

We just have one question: Where is he keeping his cell phone?


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