Michael Foth
Michael Foth

Oh man.  What a day.  Mondays always suck, but this morning and today are extra sucky for all of us as Americans.  I first saw the shooting this morning when I was leaving the house. Two of the kids were watching the news in the living room before school.  My kid Hunter was like, "did you see this?". After nearly brushing him off, I had to do a double take on the headline ticker. Not a great way to start the day.

I love Las Vegas. I got engaged there, married there, and made a baby there. Not all on the same trip, lol. It's one of our favorite places to get away from day-to-day life and be crazy and escape from the non-stop pressure of bills and kids and practices and games. I love the shows, the food, the lights and of course the blackjack tables. The kids love it too.  Today they are too scared to go back.  How do I tell them that something like this could happen anywhere, at any time?  How do I tell them that we can't live our lives in fear? I'd like to think we're somehow a little bit safer in Montana, but the fact is there are crazy lunatics everywhere.

Now, before the victims are even buried and before their families have just started grieving, politicians are again going after the 2nd Amendment.  That's a rabbit hole I'd rather not go down.  The ones that want to take away or limit our guns seem to forget that Chicago - for example - has the strictest gun laws in the nation along with the highest rate of gun violence.  Is there a realistic way to prevent mentally unstable individuals from owning guns?  Would it have made any difference with today's horrible act?  Didn't the guy "seem normal"? I love and respect our rights to bear arms. But how do you keep the bad guys from using them for bad? There seems to be no easy answer to that.

I heard a security expert on the news today saying that we should all look for alternate exits when attending large events.  He went on to analyze how none of the people at the Vegas concert ran towards the back exits, but instead all crushed to the entrance gates.  He said no one took cover on or under the stage where there would have been some level of protection from the rain of bullets. Has is come so far in America that we should have to scout out hiding places when we're in public??  This whole thing makes me not only sad beyond belief, but also a little sick.  And to top off today, Tom Petty died. RIP.

Sorry for the downer blog today.  I see little to be joyful about. Life is indeed very fragile. Hug your kids and tell your spouse you love them.


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