Can you spot the turkey in the picture above? It's kind of tough through my recently road tripped windshield, but he's there.

I often see these wild turkeys on Poly and on Rimrock, but my daughter wanted to pull in a nearby parking lot so she could get a closer look.  We got close enough to give her a good look, but the turkey didn't seem to want anything to do with us, so she got back in the car.

Upon trying to leave, the turkey hurried over and stood directly in front of my vehicle. I tried to back up to maneuver around him, but when I backed up, he followed.  Ultimately, I had to back up faster than he was willing to move and then get around him.  I hope that I'm not on the internet somewhere doing Dukes Of Hazard moves to escape a turkey, never know.

krisedwards/Townsquare Media
krisedwards/Townsquare Media

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