I've lived in Billings now for nearly a year and a half and had no clue that there was a family of wild turkeys living near downtown Billings. Sunday night I was driving down 27th street from the airport 6 wild turkeys (Dad was the size of an Ostrich, his mate and 4 Turklets... Turklings... or whatever you'd call them) crossed the street slowing down traffic.

I was in the car with a friend of mine who says they live in town and sometimes will be seen hanging out at the lawn in front of the courthouse. As you've noticed the picture above isn't 27th street but we were driving too fast for me to get a decent pic.

I've already named them all, there's Cranberry, Gravy, Giblet, Stuffy, Jive and their cousin from south of the border... El Triptophan. If they know what's good for them they better not stroll by my apartment on November 27th.

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