Following the successes of Yellowstone and Big Sky, a new series set around the history of John Bozeman and gunslinger William McKenzie is on the books for production in Montana starting soon.

Thanks to an expanding film industry and generous tax credit coordinated through the Montana Film Office, the series is being produced by Oscar-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss and writer/historian Jerry K Williams, who will serve as creator of the show and star alongside Dreyfuss.

Per Deadline, the show Bozeman, Montana will revolve around the early history of Bozeman, John Bozeman's history as a young farmer in the region, and have a heavy focus on the relationship between homesteaders and the Cherokee Nation during the gold rush between the territories of Colorado and Montana in the mid-19th century.

"I cannot imagine shooting the series anywhere but Montana in order to maintain the integrity of the story, but the incentive also makes it a good business decision,"

said Williams in a statement to Deadline.

Daryl Begay, a Navajo Nation citizen and Native Affairs Coordinator for Paramount's "Yellowstone," will help develop the series.

The producers will develop and produce the show in Montana. While Yellowstone is set around the national park, much of the production has been based in the Bitterroot Valley and more recently in Missoula. Thanks to an expansion in production support in the Missoula area, I'd assume much of the series will be set there, but it'd be nice to see the Gallatin Valley on-screen once again.

No announcements yet about production scheduling, release dates, or other casting, but Montana residents should certainly look out for opportunities to contribute in the production very soon.

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