• My dad always called the place where the cars sleep the "Go-rage". And duct tape was "200 mph tape."
  • I didn't make any birdies this week, but I witnessed Jena DeVries' very first one.
  • We actually did a wakeup call this week. Caller ID killed those for us a few years back.
  • One of my "Bucket List" destinations is to visit Mark Wilsons' Better Used Cars in Canada.
  • I recently played 50 holes of golf in one day. This week I met a guy who played 100 holes in one day. Hmmmm.
  • I start each day with "A Couple Good Ones." Two songs from the same artist. This morning it was Neil Diamond.
  • I'm thankful for great neighbors on my street.
  • When I talked about past receptionists earlier in the week I forgot to mention Jada, Freakshow, and "Tiffy Whiffy In A Jiffy."
  • We're doing "23 Floors With The Flakes" again today.

And my favorite item from Facebook this week. My "like" button is broken, but my "Bite Me" button is working just fine.

Have a great weekend.

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