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We got word this morning that Siegfried Fishbacher of the famed duo "Siegfried & Roy" has died from cancer at age 81. His partner, Roy Horn died last year due to the Covid-19.

That got us to talking about the tiger attack that ended their careers. I looked on YouTube to see if there was footage of the attack. I couldn't seem to find any.

But all of this made me think about my own personal experiences around wild animals.

I've been to several zoos, of course. But I'm talking about instances like when we had a guest on our 10 to nine thing who brought in her fully grown orangutan. He wasn't too interested in talking with us, but he did go over to our rock station and pooped in their control room. Who's a good boy?!

And one year we were emceeing the circus at the Shrine and got to ride an elephant.

I also had an opportunity to attend an actual seminar about elephants on the Flakes trip one year when we sailed out of Tampa, Florida. We spent most of the day at Bush Gardens riding some amazing roller coasters. Then we had about an hour before our driver was coming back to get us. So we just happened to run across one of the zoo directors giving a little class on those big, majestic animals.

Have you ever known a dog that will chase a ball all day if you continue to throw it? There was an elephant like that, and it was there that day. The only difference was they kept throwing a tire that she would fetch repeatedly.

So, I'm curious to see what everybody else's wild animal experiences are.

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