With my partner taking a sick day, it's always good to re-evaluate what I do for a living.

For starters, it's a blessing to have not only an on-air partner but one who's all about the product that we're putting out each day.

And we are always live. We never "voice track."

And the requests. The big bosses have a format to follow. That's just the way radio works these days. But, when you have a day like today, people can pick songs that mean something to them.

Maybe a song reminds them of a parent they lost. Or maybe a song played when they met their significant others. I've got some neat stories about why people were picking their song this morning.

It's not about the song being "a current," a "recurrent," or a "power gold," it's about playing meaningful songs that matter to people.

Thanks for all of the requests this morning.

One update: I will no longer answer the phone when a Merle Haggard song is on. And "that's the way love goes."

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