We all go through those times where a little comfort food can go a long way. A depressing time or maybe even a celebration time. Heck, it doesn't matter. Food is food, especially when it's good food.

I came across two different articles that name the comfort food of each state. Not surprising, both name a different food for the state of Montana.

The first came from thrillist.com. They claim that meat pasty is our comfort food.

They say:

Back in the day, miners from Eastern Europe and and other places that love savory pastries would pack these things away before descending into the depths of the mines with their canaries and long facial hair. And though I normally associate pies with delicious fruits and holidays, I’ll make an exception for these hardworking gents and the popular Montana trend they started.

The second one I found came from cookingchaneltv.com. For them they say Huckleberries, most popular in Huckleberry Pie.

Personally, I think I would take the second one as the official Montana state comfort food, simply because I love huckleberries.

My personal favorite comfort food though is a nice plate of steak fries with a lot of fry sauce. The more the merrier.

What do you pick? What is your favorite comfort food?

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