People around the country are now toppling statues faster than we can count. These people who are doing the hell-raising obviously failed their history classes. In California, the Sacramento Bee reported that protesters in San Francisco toppled the statue of President Ulysses Grant, who led the Republican army over the Democrat army of the south to bring down the Confederacy, which in turn abolished slavery. They also toppled a missionary saint in the Catholic church and one of Francis Scott Key. Do these people know their history?

If you were able to watch the History channel special on Grant or read his bio you would also be amazed by his diligence in the fight against racial injustice. After the war, Grant led a special force that had about 500 men that went into the south to round up members of the KKK who were involved in awful atrocities against black people in the south. They should have been asking for the Robert Byrd Bridge in West Virginia (former Democrat senate majority leader and KKK member) to be renamed The Grant Bridge. I believe some of these people are just destroyers and don't have a clue. Did I ever mention that San Francisco is in California and I never want to go back there? See ya tomorrow at 5.

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