Summer is here and there are a large number of kids in Billings that are looking for a job to get them through to school in the Fall.

This takes me back to when I was a kid. Summer was a time for me to earn a little extra money to get the things I wanted and needed and also a time to put a little away for events to come up during the school year.

There weren't very many options for me where I grew up. Basically the only choice was to go work on a farm in the area.

I drove tractor and truck, bailed hay, moved pipe, branded cows and so much more as a kid.

Out of all of it though...I hated moving sprinkler pipes.

It never failed. They would fill up with sand making them weigh a ton or some critter would get in one and I would have to flood them out. It just sucked.

What was your worst summer job? 406-248-5665

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