Most of us have been there. That first date where nerves are high and expectations can run even higher. You hope to make a good first impression and only hope that things go well because after could be the last first date of your life.

What happens when it all goes south right off the bat though? Disappointment?

My wife was talking with her single friend that lives in Oklahoma last night...

Apparently she had a date last Saturday night with a guy that she had only met once at the grocery store. The store meet I guess was nice and fine, they exchanged numbers, talked a lot on the phone and decided to go out.

When they met again, one thing in particular had changed...his breath. When they were in the store she says she didn't notice anything but when they met up for the date, it was really the point she had a hard time stomaching it.

She isn't extremely picky but hygiene is close to the top of her list for date deal breakers which I can understand. She stuck it out through the date but says she can't bring herself to go out with him again.

What is (or has been) your date deal breaker? Tell us about it at 406-248-5665.

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