Song along, "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!"

I know there are many that are dreading the snow, but my kids are loving it big time.

Ever since we got our first storm right before Thanksgiving, they been chomping at the bit to ride their sled...and ride their sled they have. Ride it down and pull it back up, as many times as they can. I bet that hill at Skyview High School is getting really tired of them already.

The snow brings out a different kind of kid in me though. I like to drive out to the middle of nowhere, find a nice flat open area and spin cookies in my truck.  My wife gets mad at me but I've loved that ever since my brothers took me along for the ride when they did it. In fact, I got the worst bloody nose of my life from hitting the steering wheel with my face when my brother spun out wrong. Mom was pretty ticked off about it.

I know it can be a down time of year for some, but try to find the best in any situation.

What's you favorite snow activity? Skiing, snowboarding, sledding, being an idiot behind the wheel of a truck?

Tell me about it.

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