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I accompanied my daughter and three other teenage girls to Rimrock Mall. While waiting outside one of the clothing stores, I thought back to the time I got to drive a car through there. Back when we started this radio station in 1988, we gave away some really good stuff. One was a brand new car. It was a Geo Storm, and it was on display at center court.

When the time came to get it out, my boss let me drive it out of the mall. I thought to myself that not too many other folks have driven a vehicle inside a shopping mall. That got me to thinking about what some others have gotten to do that I probably never will.

One of my bucket list items is to drive a law enforcement vehicle at high speed with the lights and sirens going. My law enforcement friends that have gotten to do it say that it's "the best part of the job." I believe it.

I have never hung off the side of a tall building, like window washers do. Nor do I want to. But again, it's a unique experience.

Another experience that I always enjoyed was parking up on the rims at the east end where you could get a good view of the rides at the fair at night. But a few years back, they went and closed that area down to cars and made it part of their trail system.

So, what's your unique experience? Did you bump into Garth Brooks in the motel lobby? Do you skydive? I'll be curious to hear from everybody.

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