Monday night's stormy weather probably sent you scrambling for information on what was going on and Billings tornado safety precautions. You may already know Cat Country is in direct contact with the Billings City and County 9-1-1 center at all times through the Emergency Alert System. Whenever emergency officials need to get information in your hands, it's only a press of a button which allows them to take control of Cat Country and relay information directly to you.

The Grade School Game Of Telephone

One thing I noticed last night at Rimrock Auto Arena was the big game of "telephone" that was happening. You might remember that game from grade school. You start a word at one end of the class and in turn whisper it from person to person. By the time you get to the end of the line, the story is almost never the same.

Much the same thing happened with information inside the concert. Stories were flying around in all different directions about tornadoes, thunderstorms, and other action. More than one person left the building in fear and in tears, concerned about the weather.

The Solution When You Can't Listen To Cat Country

Here's the solution when you can't have Cat Country at your side. Sign up to get emergency notifications sent directly to your cell phone. There are two different systems that will link you to emergency officials.

Here's where you sign up for the City of Billings notifications. For Yellowstone County information, this is your sign up page.

These improvements are designed to keep you and your phone linked to emergency services. Special note, the governmental services can take up to SEVEN DAYS to get you in the system. It would be a good idea to sign up soon.

Cell phones are dependent on towers and power, while Cat Country is always here to keep life saving information moving.

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