Flooding in the midwest, tornadoes in the southeast, earthquakes on the west coast, and Donald Trump's hair in New York.  All dangerous parts of the country when it comes to natural disasters.

Montana, sans last year's Fathers' Day tornado, is one of the few places in America natural disasters seem to avoid.  Seattle is considered as one of the cities in the New York Times study, to be nearly free of natural disasters.  Guess they weren't there during the last earthquake that rattled the city in the early 90's or Mount St. Helens. Then again, it's New York and events much west of the Hudson River don't have significance.


Florida is a region to avoid for so many reasons.  Natural disasters being just one of those.  Red on the map are places where natural disasters are more prevalent than the area in green.  The larger the dot, the more population in that area.

Montana's green dots are in Missoula, Billings, and Helena.

So that tornado last year.  Just a fluke.  I don't think the Montana Legislature counts as a natural disaster.

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