Sunday marks 15 years since we were attacked by terrorists and for me it seems just as real as it did back then.

At the time I was the Chief Meteorologist for KMVT-TV in Twin Falls, Idaho. Working late into the evenings I usually slept late into the mornings. I awoke to my phone ringing and when I answered it, it was my mom and she was very upset.

She asked me if I had seen the TV yet and I told her I had not. She told me to turn it on and when I did my life changed forever.

When I saw what was happening I hit my knees crying. I pulled myself together and got myself to the television station which would be the hardest day of my career.

Even as the Weather Guy I was quite involved in gathering reports to the best of my ability. I had never seen an entire staff so solemn as I did that day. It affected us all very deeply.

It was a very hard day for America and an even harder day for Americans.

My heart still hurts for all of those who were lost that day. I am a red blooded American and like many of you, I will never forget.

Where were you?