I had a situation happen last night in the Heights Walmart that left me with my head shaking.

I was walking down one of the main isles where there are two sides. Basically it was the food side from the front door to the back.

As I walked there were a group of people standing/talking (3-4) that were blocking the one side. There was a worker coming through the other side pulling a big pallet of goods. He ended up not making it through because some of the things spilled onto the floor and he stopped to pick them up.

I proceeded to walk towards them. They noticed me and did not move. Please understand, they were blocking the entire isle.

I walked up to them and politely said "excuse me." One of the ladies turned and looked at me and with an attitude said "Excuse me! We are discussing here!"

I was almost speechless...but not quite. I said right back to her, "Ma'am, you have some nerve. You are blocking the entire isle and people are trying to get through now can you please hold your conversation somewhere else?"

She became quite agitated and finally moved as others proceeded to smile at me me with their approval. Not that I needed that. They were being rude and I won't stand for that.

Is it just me or do people not have any manors or any sense of others anymore?

There are a ton of people that really need to take courtesy lessons.

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