This blog has two purposes today. First is "why am I being punished?" The second is to give any "keyboard warriors" who disagree with me to take whatever shots they feel they need to.

I haven't been able to sit down in a restaurant with my daughter in over a month. We go through drive-thrus and get food and then eat in the car. So, a little bit of good news from our government officials, is I can take her out for a regular lunch. Except for the fact that she won't be able to get herself a soda from a machine that anybody can use. So, when we go to Godfather's Pizza will they have a new specialized position for an employee who just pours drinks for 8 hours? Hmm.

Next, I can GO to a bar. I just can't sit at one. Hmm.

And can anybody give me some dating tips? Not "where can you meet someone?" but, if you COULD get a date, what are you suppose to do when you go out? I'm guessing driving to her place to pick her up isn't essential travel. "Hey good looking! Wanna meet at some parking lot and have a couple of drinks while we each stay in our own vehicles?" Great. See you at the Heights Albertsons parking lot at 7. Memorable first date anyway.

Open Montana fully. It's past time.

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