There was an awful story out of Tennessee today about someone who worked for one of these food delivery services.  Apparently, she was not happy with her 89 cent tip for the three mile delivery she was assigned.  Her boyfriend who was riding along thought he would get some revenge on the bad tipper by dipping some of his man parts into the customer's salsa.  The driver made a video of her man friend committing this atrocious act and posted it on Facebook.  A concerned customer saw the video and notified the police.

Apparently, there are some pretty stiff laws when it comes to screwing with people's food.  The man who did this is now looking at 3 to 15 years in prison.  Good!  If I were the one who consumed those tainted tomatoes, I would likely still be brushing my teeth...with bleach.

Stuff like this is why I never complain at a restaurant until AFTER I have my food.  Now, for the record, I'm not a problem customer to begin with.  I'm not much of a complainer unless someone is just way out of line, but there is no way I would consume food given to me by someone I had just pissed off.  There are just too many horrible things I can imagine.

I almost hate to ask, but if you work in the food industry, feel free to share the worst thing you've seen when it comes to "revenge on a bad customer".  Have you seen anything that compares to Danny the Dipper?  Have you seen anything worse than that?  I hope not, but I'm curious.

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