I am one of the last anti technology hold outs. Until very recently, I still made my grocery list with pen and paper. But I started noticing that most other shoppers were just looking at their shopping lists on their phones. So I sort of started doing that too. I just take pictures of what item I need.

That's why when I'm eating lunch somewhere, I'll pick up my phone and delete the pictures of items I've already bought. It's funny sometimes because I don't always get those shots deleted. So every so often I'll run across a picture of something that I took, but don't remember why I took it.

I don't care to shop by some grocery outfits app. And I don't want to pay to get groceries delivered. Although I should. I am the world's worst "impulse shopper". I went to Costco last week because I was out of Oberto Jerky. So, I went in to get four bags.

Those four bags of jerky and a couple of other things tossed into my cart came to a total of over $250.00.

But at least now I have four years worth of toilet paper, enough AA batteries for the rest of my life and dish soap. Enough for forever.

One aside from my Costco self check out experience would be that I wish that they would let you put boxes down first and then just put your groceries into the boxes as they are scanned. They way it is now, you just scan everything into a pile and when it's all done, you pay. Then you have to box everything up. The technology must exist.

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