Some mornings you wake up and you’re already full of fire….today was one of those days for us.  If you missed it, yesterday several fast-food workers across the United States held a collective protest and walked out on their jobs. Their plan was noticed by a few, but most people just walked by to get their cheeseburgers and fries.

The workers of these McJobs want to have a set salary of $31,000. That’s almost double of what a minimum wage worker makes now at one of these jobs.

One person who did take notice was one Ryan Carter from New York. This loser was asked by national news agencies about his thoughts on the protests and his comment was: ““absolutely”. He also added, “They work harder than the billionaires in this city”.


You don’t think that the billionaires worked hard to get where they are? Of course not…you know the road to becoming a billionaire so well Ryan Carter: get a job at McDonalds, work two years, quit the job and become a millionaire. If only it was that easy.

It’s losers like Ryan Carter of New York that really set us off.

We have no issues with people wanting to make a better life for themselves. And we think that McJobs are a great way for teens to break into the working world, or for a person to add a second income, or for college students to get by, or for a retired person to still feel productive...

But nowhere does working the counter at a fast food restaurant guarantee your next job is billionaire. Unless you get the right winning game piece.

Why do people feel so self entitled?

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