They made the right call. The Yellowstone County Commissioners have moved us to stage two fire restrictions, which include a ban on fireworks. We had a call this morning where a resident said the commissioners are infringing on his right to do what he wants on his own property and said it's no different from the Yellowstone County Health Officer shutting down restaurants during the pandemic. This may take a while but here goes.

Your rights have not been jeopardized. We are a state and a county of laws and you entered into a contract when you bought property here. The 2nd amendment guarantees your right to firearms but you can't discharge them in the city. Just because you own property doesn't mean you don't have to obey the laws. You can't start a meth lab or grow pot on your property without a license. You can't serve alcohol to minors on your property. There are noise restrictions. You can't have a band play until four in the morning either. You can't open a commercial business on property that's zoned as residential. You can't spread sewage on your property either without going by the law. There are restrictions on what kind of animals and how many you can raise on county property, too. You can't beat somebody up or harbor a fugitive either. There are all kinds of laws that as citizens and residents we have to abide by and the county fire restrictions is one of those. These new restrictions were put in place using the laws granted to county officials.

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Now in regard to COVID, I didn't like that restaurants and bars were targeted, but what I really didn't like was the fact that one individual had all the power to do it. That law has now been changed which will make that more difficult if there is a next time. The fireworks ban was passed out of concern for public safety and the protection of property. It's what is in the best interest of the majority and its residents, all backed by the power law. You have not lost your rights nor have they been infringed upon.

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