Summer is the time to "Patty on the party-o"! That's not a typo. I heard somebody say it like that many years ago. I say it when I'm having lunch or cocktails. It's funny and it sets the mood for our adventure that day.

As you read this, you will quickly come up with a patio or two that you like. Quite simply, I have not been to every patio that serves food and drink in the area. But since it's "Patio season," I thought I'd share.

I have few criteria. If your patio is a couple of picnic tables next to a busy street, I consider you a patio imposter and I will choose to go somewhere else.

When they revamped the bar at the Windmill a few years back, I ended up sitting out back on the patio. It's beautiful, secluded, and you can order their famous prawns.

I haven't been to the deck at the old Granary, since it became Bistecca, but I always enjoyed the layout there.

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I love what they did at The 406 Taproom. In addition to a smart menu, (lot's of very tasty dishes made quickly just like you see them do on "Bar Rescue"), but they built on that top deck and put a counter for you to set your drink on while you look out on a pretty awesome view of Billings.

But my favorite patio is the one at Tiny's Tavern. I've been going there for thirty years. Roger, Curtis and Rich the owners have been doing things right there for thirty-five years..

The service is always top-notch. I never can go in there without running into somebody that I know but haven't seen in a while.

I know I'm missing some, but hope that you'll fill me in, so I can "Patty" on the nice "Party-o's" in town. Where are your favorite patios in Billings?

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