After seeing a post on Facebook on the subject, I now am more knowledgeable when it comes to Montana license plates.

It seems that someone with Idaho plates has been working in Billings for a couple of years and still has Idaho plates. And they SHOULD have their Montana plates by now.

According to Montana code 61-3-302, you have to put Montana plates on after you have resided here for 60 days. And I think 60 days time is plenty. You're making your living here, you should pay like the rest of us do.

The only license plate law I disagree with. (And have had the discussion with SEVERAL members of law enforcement) is the "2 plate" law that says you have to have a plate on the front as well as the back of the vehicle. There is an exception to this rule that applies to cars licensed as "Hot Rods". They can display just one plate.

So get your Montana plates on that vehicle.


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