Liquor licenses are a racketeering scheme.

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I happened to stumble upon a floating license that is available in the Billings area and the starting bid is $558,000.

What the hell? Why so much? Why do you even have to have a license anyway?

All other products in this nation that people use on a regular basis aren't licensed like that. So why booze? Anyone can sell cars in this country. Anyone can sell food. The list goes on and on. So why booze?

The days of prohibition are over. Beer is as American as it gets. You can get a Federal firearms license and it's not near as much. Is it just the vices that people have that they want to capitalize on?

Imagine Needing A License To Sell Pizza

People love pizza too... just think if you had to bid in order to sell pizza in America! Why, they could make a fortune. I don't know how other states do it but why is there so much control over that industry? It's not 1920 unless they are protecting the value of the licenses that have already been purchased throughout the year.

It's just like gambling and pot. Much to my dismay, it is a legal product now. There are no restrictions on how many other businesses we have. You can have as many restaurants and clothing stores as you want with no restrictions.

So why liquor? People abuse guns too but we are all guaranteed the right to own and purchase one. Are we just trying to control the problems that come from it? I don't know... there must be a reason...

See ya tomorrow at 5.

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