Bottled water is one of the biggest environmental disasters of our time. Independent studies have shown chemicals from plastic bottles leach into the water you drink and, with enough exposure, cause cancer. People who live near the plants that manufacture those chemicals are much more likely to contract cancer.

In the United States only 34% of beverage containers are recycled and only 20% of PET containers (bottled water bottles) are recycled. Additionally, all public water sources (your tap water) are regularly tested and those results are published. Pepsi, Coke, Nestle and others test their water but "never" publish their results to the public nor are they required to do so. The EPA relies on the corporations to "self-regulate". They are not protecting us. Water from the tap is safer than water in a plastic bottle. If you're concerned about impurities then do yourself and the earth a favor and get a filter. Sorry to pontificate but I thought this was too important.